Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: My Life Next Door

Sam's mom always put down the family next door - forbidding her daughters to have anything to do with them. To Sam, who watches them over the years, they seem like a perfect messy family - a far cry from her own stark house.

One day, while she's on the roof spying, one of the boys climbs up next to her. He's also 17, but since he goes to the public school, she doesn't know him. He intrigues her.

A few days later, she walks down their driveway to chat. It's the beginning of a beautiful secret relationship - until the unthinkable happens.
My Thoughts: I loved the dreamy feel to this summer romance. I love that Jase was the boy from next door and from a huge messy, funny, happy family. Most of all, I loved his family and wanted to spend time with them myself. I loved the how the romance blossomed and deepened. The climax through me for a loop, I wasn't expecting that. It made me angry and sad. Besides Jase's family, I didn't really like the secondary chracters. I was not a fan of Sam's mother. I wanted her to be more caring and not a perfectionist. I also didn't care for Tracey or Nan, but I found myself liking Tim after a while. I couldn't stand Clay; he made my skin crawl. He did show an interesting side of politics.  Overall, a great summer romance that reminded me of a Sarah Dessen book.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect
Source: My Library

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