Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review: No Safety in Numbers

Just a regular day at the mall turns deadly when Marco discovers a bomb in the air ducts. He stumbles across the device by chance, while trying to escape a bunch of bullies.  He doesn't want to be late to work, now that might be the least of his troubles.

People have been told not to leave the mall. They mingle and talk to strangers as the day turns into night. Lexi, a Senator's daughter, meets a popular girl who has a nerdy side. Shay tries to keep her younger sister and her grandmother from worrying. Ryan runs into his brother's jock friends who take him under their wing. Marco takes on extra shifts at the restaurant to make more money.

The longer they're stuck at the mall, the more tempers rise. Authorities are rounding up anyone with a cough. People are getting antsy. They want answers. They want to go home and they're not afraid to get creative about it.

Will they uncover the truth and be allowed to leave in the near future - or do they even have a future?
My Thoughts: The first book in a series sucked me in. I can't imagine being stuck in a mall for days with strangers. I liked the four teens and seeing the situation from the various perspectives. I liked how they started forming relationships with strangers and how they interacted with their friends. I liked how they tried to uncover the truth about their quarantine.  The action, the danger, and the suspense kept me from putting this book down and reminded me of a teenage version of 24.

Cover Thoughts: Simple, but effective. I really like it.
Source: My Library.

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Kate said...

I really liked this book and was so excited for the next in the series, but it really fell flat for me. It might be a DNF :(