Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: To Be Perfectly Honest

Colette's mother is a major movie star - thus, Colette never knows who her real friends are. Are they the people who hang out with her who want the perks of her life? Are they the people who hang out with her for a chance to meet her mother? Does anyone like the real Colette?

Colette's been burned one to many times by people. So, she's become an expert at lying. If you're always lying, you can't get hurt.

She thought she had a perfect summer planned in Paris, until her mother announces that Colette and her brother are required to join her on location in the middle of nowhere California.

Once their, her mother becomes absorbed in her movie and in her life. Collette's stuck hanging out with her brother - not that that's a bad thing most of the time.

Ever since she met Connor, she wants some alone time with him, not dates with her brother as the third wheel. Could he be the best part of her summer?
My Thoughts: I was so happy to have a new Sonya Sones book - I love them. I'm a big fan of novels in verse and tore through this one. I felt bad for Collette - for not knowing who to trust in her life, for not being able to be herself, and for trying make the best of her summer. I loved her brother. The moments between them were sweet and I loved the birthday bit. There were a few twists that threw me as I wasn't expecting them. I completely LOVE the ending!

Cover Thoughts: I like it
Source: My Library.

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