Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Final Sentence

 * first in a new series*

Jenna Hart's leaving her old life behind to help her aunt open The Cookbook Nook - a cafe and cookbook store. She even found the perfect celebrity chef for the grand opening - non other than her college roommate Desiree Divine.

Desiree comes to town with her entourage and shakes things up. Before she and Jenna have a chance to really catch up - Desiree ends up dead.  As Jenna's the one to find her body and it's revealed they had a fight, she becomes the number one suspect. It doesn't help that the police chief's mother points the finger at her and accuses her of the crime.

Now Jenna doesn't know what to do - but she needs to get to the bottom of this and clear her name.
My Thoughts: A fun start to a new series.  I love the small town charm and how Jenna's returned home. I love the Cookbook Nook - the blend of cook books, fictional foodie cozies, and cooking tools sounds amazing. I love the cafe and all the goodies Katie creates. It sounds like the perfect place. I liked learning more about Jenna's past and learning about the people of town. She had a heart-breaking few years and I liked seeing her gain her strength back. I can't wait to see what comes next for her and for the store. 

Cover Thoughts: Love it - especially the author's fictional books on the bottom bookshelf
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