Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Symptoms of My Insanity

Izzy can't turn off her brain. She can't stop  thinking of all the things she must finish for her art portfolio. Her BFF wants her to help out with a play. Her mom needs help with the dance fundraiser she's hosting. Between all this and homework, Izzy barely has time to breathe.

Plus she worries about the message her body's sending, she worries about her mother's health, and she's a hypochondriac.  When looking at her computer, she spies a support group chat room, where her mother's made a post; Izzy worries about her mother's cancer returning. She doesn't understand why she's keeping it a secret.

The only bright spot in her day is losing herself in her act. But with all this pressure p it's hard to get anything done.
My Thoughts: It's not a book that I would have normally picked up on my own, but I'm Glad that I read it. I really liked Izzy and my heart went out to her and her struggles - I liked following her brain and her thought process. I wanted to hug her over her body issues, especially for what she had to go through. I admired her strength and her courage. I loved her friends standing up for her. A heart wrenching and very real contemporary novel filled with family drama, friendship drama, and romantic drama that warmed my heart. 

Cover Thoughts: I like the cleanness of it and the red title pops.
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