Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teen Review Thursday

Here's what teens are reading and talking about this summer in Norwich. I love seeing what teens think about the books they're reading. This week, they're talking about fun fiction...

Farewell to Charms: 4 Stars
"A Farewell to Charms" was actually a book I had been anticipating to read when it came out. As a part of the "Princess for Hire" series that I have also read before finally indulging in this fairy-tale-like novel, there is a bit of background to this book. However, Lindsey Leavitt explains all the details from prior books at the beginning of every new edition so you don't actually have to read the entire series. "A Farewell to Charms" is a story about Desi Bascomb who works for an agency known as Facade, whose service is replacing royals with magical substitutes when royals want to escape from their daily life. Desi keeps this secret unknown until she meets Reed, a prince substitute, who she falls for. Unfortunately, her best friend, Kylee, also has a crush on him. When Desi decides to act on a dark secret of Facade's, she bonds with Reed and together they embark on a risky journey to ensure magic isn't stolen. While some of the mistakes Desi makes can be slightly annoying, I enjoyed this book- probably because of my love for fairy-tales and anything related to fairy-tales.

The Thirteenth Child: 4 stars

This book revolves around a set of magical twins, maybe the most powerful twins in their time. One twin struggles with being unlucky with her immense magic, while the other excels in all his subjects. It's an interesting book, though sometimes slow.

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