Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Heirs and Graces

* Book 7 in the Royal Spyness series* 

Lady Georgiana and her mother were all set up in a house in London, when things changed. Her mother decided that her memoir was simply too juicy to share, Plus her boyfriend wanted to rent a house in Switzerland.  Off she goes, leaving Lady Georgiana on her own.

Lady Georgiana has no idea where to turn. She doesn't want to go back to Scotland and her sister-in-law's forbidden her the use of the London House. Finally she wrote to the Queen - who asks her for tea with an old friend. The Queen's friend needs help teaching a long lost heir English manners.

Off Lady Georgiana goes to a country house, where the Duke isn't interested in either his family nor his duty continuing the line.  The lost heir from Australia arrives and days later the Duke is murdered.

Now the party's stuck at the house while the police investigate. Lady Georgiana stumbled upon the body and has quite a few opinions about the murder. No one likes to be stuck in a house with a murdered on the loose - or worse in the same house. 
My Thoughts: I love the Royal Spyness series - in this addition I love that Lady Georgiana landed a plum assignment (with a nice house and plenty of food.) I was impressed that she did ask the Queen for help and I love that the Queen sends her on these little assignments. I liked the differences of viewpoints between the Duke and the Dowager duchess- a relaxation of the rules and the struggles to maintain tradition. I loved the moments with Belinda - she adds a spark of humor. I loved that Darcy dropped in, unexpectedly as always. He's rather dreamy. So looking forward to the next book to see what scrapes Lady Georgiana will get into next.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library.

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