Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: The Heist

 * first in a new series*
Kate's been chasing Nick for two years, through several characters. She almost had him, but he slipped away. This time, she'll do everything in her power to capture him.

But it isn't enough.

He's switched sides. Now Kate's boss wants her to work with him - taking down even bigger fish. Obviously Kate's not happy with this new arrangement.

They have to create a long con. How is she supposed to trust him? Kate's not sure she's up to the job - without killing him first..

My Thoughts: The start of a new series has hints of Stephanie Plum. Kate has a knack for getting into trouble. Sexual tension sizzles between Kate and Nick. I love the idea of the long con and how they have to put together a group. Each person has their unique qualities - reminds me of Leverage. I like Kate's family - especially her father and his background. I love how he has Kate's back at all times. I can't wait to see where Nick will lead Kate next.

Cover Thoughts:
Source: BEA ARC

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