Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Grace Takes Off

 *4th book in the series *
Grace and Bennett have spent the last two weeks in Europe.  They end their journey with a visit to Bennett's oldest friend. After looking at Nico's impressive art collection, Bennett becomes uneasy.  It isn't until the next day on the plane that he confides in Grace that the piece is a fake.

Before they have time to discuss it further, Grace uncovers one of the passenger's trying to kill Bennett.

They didn't know anyone on the plane and that plane wasn't their original way home. Why would someone want to hurt Bennett? As usual, Grace isn't about to let this go. 

My Thoughts: The 4th book in the series leaves me wanting more. I love Grace - her openness, her loyalty, and her passion.  I love her interaction with people from Bennett to Francis to her roommates. I love Francis and her sharp tongue. I like the way they work together now. I love how Bennett helped her gather her strength from the last book. I found Hillary amusing but irritating. I can't wait to see what happens next between the family. 

Cover Thoughts: Cozy
Source: My Library

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