Friday, August 9, 2013

Focus Friday: Graphic Novels

I don't usually read graphic novels; it's one of my areas of weakness in my collection. We have a large section of comics and graphic novels combined. They're really popular among both teens and adults. For the last large purchasing order, I looked through Amazon for similar book suggestions from the really popular ones at the library.

And it worked. The new ones have been going out like hotcakes and people want more.

I don't often read them. I admit, they're hard for me to follow at times with the way they read backwards. I've also confused the characters (sometimes they look so similar). I've has issues understanding the emotions drawn. I've had issues knowing if the words were actually spoken aloud or just in someone's head.

That's not to say I haven't enjoyed some graphic novels. Mainly, I don't seek them out. But everyone now and then, I do read one that I thought looked really good.

Recently I read the Earl and the Fairy series (books 1-4)

Lydia can see fairies - she specializes in helping people with them, but most people stopped believing and think of the stories of fairies as just...stories.

As a fairy doctor, she hasn't had much luck finding work. She decides to travel to London and visit her father. On the way, she meets a man who tells her that he's been sent by her father. At first she believes him, but comes to learn from another man that he's lying to her.

Both men want her help in claiming an ancient title in the human world, from the fairies. She's not sure she trusts either of them, but one has been kind to her. Will his kindness make her look past his other faults?
My Thoughts: I really liked the mysteriousness surrounding this adventure. Immediately, I checked out the other three books in the series. They were also intriguing, mostly easy to read, and entertaining. I didn't think the series ended - but I can't uncover any more information about upcoming books. 

The ease and entertainment of this series caused me to check out another series, so perhaps I'll start learning more about graphic novels. If you're a librarian, do you read graphic novels. What others ones should I be reading?


Jessica said...

This is one of my weak areas, too. I really love the Library Wars: Love and War series, though, and I really liked Dramacon and Smile and Drama by Raina Telgemeier. Other than those, I don't read many. I usually order based on what the kids request... I'm going to try The Earl and the Fairy based on your rec now!

Amber (Books of Amber) said...

I really want to start reading more graphic novels myself. I have read The Kite Runner and two of the Vampire Academy graphic novels, but after that there were only a couple from NetGalley. I've heard that Locke & Key is AMAZING, and I'm planning on buying it at the end of the month! Same goes for The Walking Dead.