Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: Last Breath

Claire and her friends are battling a new fight. Eve and Michael are engaged, but no one in the town is eager for the marriage to take place. Instead, both sides are fighting this union.

Claire also notices that something's going down inside the vampire community - something they're not sharing. Instead, they're insisting that everyone stay inside.

Claire learns that an enemy of Amelie has arrived. Vampires are going missing. Amelie is scared. Claire can't imagine what has her so rattled. She knows one thing - if Amelie feels threatened, the danger is worse than ever before.

Can Claire and her friends once again help save Morganville or will this really be the end of everything?

My Thoughts: I really love this series - for the uniqueness of the vampires, for Claire's determination and strength, for Claire and Shane, for Michael and Eve, for Claire and Eve, and all the action and drama. Like all of them, this book had a creepiness factor. I loved watching Claire trying to unravel information about this new threat that no one can see. I really liked the different perspectives, which is new. A fantastic new chapter to an amazing addictive series!

Cover Thoughts: I love the white and the blue together and how it relates to the book

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