Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Review: 1225 Christmas Tree Lane

Beth Morehouse hopes that this Christmas will be perfect. Her two college aged daughters are coming home. She can't wait to make it perfect for them, until they drop the news that their father also wants to come.

Beth moved states to get away from the painful divorce. She's not sure she can deal with her ex-husband coming to visit. However, she gives in to her daughters when she hears that he asked to come. In all honesty, she might still love him.

She's shocked to discover he brought a women with him. Beth doesn't know what she's feeling this Christmas. She only hopes that she can make it through the holidays and find homes for all the puppies someone left on her doorstep.

My Thoughts: I'm saddened that this is the last Cedar Cove novel, but I love that it ended with a Christmas Story. I loved Beth as a new character. I loved how the stories ended for the old favorite characters. A bittersweet story for fans of this series. For a stand alone, it's a cute Christmas story, but I would start with the beginning of the series with 16 Lighthouse Road,

Cover Thoughts: Adorable

Source: Bought

Challenge: a personal goal to read 10 Christmas Books this year

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