Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: Code Talkers

At the tender age of 6, Kii Yazhi was taken away from his family and put into school. At the school, they were forbidden to talk Navajo. Instead they must practice their English. They were also given new clothes, new haircuts, and above all a new name.

Ned grew up at the school learning English. Before long, the country was engaged in WWII. Ned wanted to go and fight, but he promised his parents he would wait a year. After the year was over, he entered the Marine Corps, lying about his age.

There he learned about a special program for those who spoke Navajo. He joined this program and learned that he would have to keep his life a complete secret.

He and other Navajo speakers created a code where they sent messages back and forth. It was a code the leaders were convinced the Japanese couldn't crack.

My Thoughts: I've always wanted to read this book and so I chose it for the book club at the library. It as good, a bit different than what I expected. Ned shares his viewpoint from the war, which were equally interesting and horrifying. He narrated the book as if he were telling his story to his grandchildren. Normally, I don't like that interaction between the reader and the story, but for this book, it works. I loved learning about a piece of history I knew nothing about previously.

Cover Thoughts: Great - simple but effective

Source: my Library

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