Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adult Review: Baby it's Cold Outside

Sloan's best friend is dealing with a crisis in Alaska. She begs Sloan to come rescue her. Sloan, not happy with life in New York City, travels to her side.

Grier's father died, providing for her in his will. She didn't know him. Plus he had another daughter. Grier's fighting for her inheritance and the town is clearly taking sides. Grier's miserable. Sloan attempts to show the town's people the side of Grier she sees.

Together they form a bond with local girl Avery. Together they talk about heartache, men, and everything in between. They laugh over drinks, pancakes, and their own gossip. The town's frost begins to thaw as the Sloan and she sassy ways gain notice.

They catch the eye of the three town matriarchs who want nothing more than to see their grandson's married and quickly. It's the reason they host the bachelor action each year. Sloan enters the auction on a dare from one of the grandsons - Walker. But she's also writing a freelance article on the event. Could Walker be something more than just a fling on a cold winter's night?

My Thoughts: The start of a trilogy - with great friends, romance, and a quaint town. I loved Sloan and her sassy smart-alack ways. I liked Walker. I loved the Grandmothers. I love the setting, I can feel the cold whipping through me. A cute story to read on a cold winter's night. I'm looking forward to Grier and Avery's stories

Cover Thoughts: Cute

Source: My Library

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