Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tween Tuesday Review: A Boy At War

Adam's father is a Navy man. Adam's used to moving and making new friends. However, he's having a harder time of it in Hawaii.

He thinks he might have made a new friend, but Davi's Japanese. America is on the brink of war with Japan. Adam's father doesn't want him to befriend Davi. He believes that Adam's actions reflect on the family, and more importantly on himself. He forbids Adam from hanging out with Davi.

Adam's already promised to go fishing with Davi early the next morning. He rises, intending to go apologize, and break off their friendship. But the allure of fishing is too great. Together, Adam, Davi and Davi's cousin sneak onto Pearl Harbor where they spend the morning fishing.

Their peaceful morning's interrupted by planes flying overhead. At first, Adam thinks they're in a movie. It's not too long before he realizes that that planes are Japanese and they're bombing the ships in Pearl Harbor. His father is on one of those ships.

Adam and his friends race for shore, but they're dodging bullets, bombs, and suspicious people. Can they get to safety before one of them is seriously injured?

My Thoughts: I chose this book for our middle school book club at the library. It's a popular book with the teens. Also I wanted to read something connected with Pearl Harbor for the 70th year after the attack on Pearl Harbor. I really enjoyed it. I liked the action. I liked reading about Adam's family life and life on the island. I really liked what happened after the attack. I think I'll continue and read A Boy No More.

Cover Thoughts: It doesn't entirely match the story, but it fits in nicely

Source: my Library

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Jill the OWL said...

I've had soooooo many boys read this series and absolutely love it!