Friday, December 2, 2011

Review: Belles

Izzie's life isn't easy, but she loves it. She loves living by the water, able to surf whenever she wants to. She loves hanging out on the boardwalk with her friends. She loves living with grandmother.

In a split second, everything changes. Her grandmother's health has been slowly declining. Now she's unable to care for Izzie. She's shipped off to a nursing home and Izzie's sent to live with family she's never known.

Her new family consists of her Uncle, who's running for the U.S. Senate, her aunt, and her three cousins.

Mira, her cousin of the same age, isn't interested in helping Izzy fit into her privileged life. Her friends talk sweet to Izzy's face, but spread rumors and stab her in the back. Mira's torn between wanting to be her own person and wanting to remain at the Queen Bee's side.

Can Izzie prove to them she belongs in their world?

My Thoughts: I confess that I was dying to read this one. I squealed when I saw it at the event. I LOVE Jen Calonita's books. They're funny, fresh, and romantic.
This books was no different! I loved the setting - especially the school.I loved the Southern charm. I loved the differences between the two girls and reading their different perspectives. I loved Mira's art world. I loved the event being a hoedown. I loved Izzie's heart, determination, and her ability to see the good in the world. I can't wait to read more of this series!

BUT THE BACK OF THE BOOK CONTAINED THE MAJOR PLOT TWIST!!!!!! I was not a fan of this, obviously. I did check Goodreads and the description of the book is different and without spoilers.

From what I understand, the author had no control over this issue. I loved the book enough that this didn't matter to me, but it was disappointing to know the ending.

Cover Thoughts: Cute - I love the flower in her hair

Source: Little Brown event

Arrives in April 2012

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