Friday, December 23, 2011

Adult Review: The Summer Garden

Luke met Moira in Ireland over the holidays. She's the granddaughter of the man who once stole his grandmother's heart. Together they traveled around Ireland looking at pubs.

Luke's finally decided on a life path - he's going to open an Irish pub in Chesapeake Shores. He's working hard to transform a former restaurant into his dream.

Moira shows up unexpectedly accompanying her grandmother on his visit. Luke's overjoyed to see her. In fact he hasn't been able to get her out of his head. She helps him improve his ideas for the pub.

With his mind so focused on the pub and his future, Luke isn't sure it's the right time to talk about the future. However, he might just lose Moira if he doesn't starting talking about what their future might hold.

My Thoughts: I really loved this book. As it's the end of series I adored, it's hard to say goodbye! I loved Moira, especially with her photography. I loved watching the pub go from building to a place I'd love to hang out. I loved watching Dillon and Nell rekindle their old romance. I love these characters. Most of all, I wish Chesapeake Shores was a real place. Sheryl Woods creating an amazing series with wonderful complex characters, an enchanting town, and romance that warms the heart.

Cover Thoughts: Fantastic

Source: Netgalley - comes out January 31st

Fun Fact: This is also the book I chose to complete my personal reading challenge for 365 books this year!

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