Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Explosive 18

Stephanie got herself into a HUGE mess in Hawaii.

Now she's back in Jersey and trying to straighten out her mess of a life.

She has a number of fugitives to bring back to jail who have skipped their court date. As usual, they all give her quite a hard time.

She's also being followed by the FBI, 2 guys claiming to be FBI, and one fiancee. They all want a photograph that someone stuck in her purse. The main problem - she threw it away after only glancing at it.

Now she's the only one who knows what the photo looks like - and no one's leaving her alone until she produces it. Except maybe the men in her life.

My Thoughts: I really love this hilarious, thrilling, entertaining read. It's hard to read these books in public because they always make me laugh too hard! I also can't read these books unless I know I have time to finish them because I never want to stop reading them. I loved trying to unravel what went down in Hawaii. I loved Lulu's decision to be more like Ranger. I love Grandma. This book wasn't as funny as some of the previous books meaning I didn't laugh until I couldn't breathe anymore, but it was funny. A great edition to the series.

Cover Thoughts: I find these covers bland.

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