Friday, November 5, 2010

Ten Things: Science Fiction

My Top Ten Science Fiction Novels:
I think my definition of SF is different than most people's
Traditionally it means: fiction with advance science and technology that could happen one day
Mine: Same - but also includes fiction that "could" happen with a scientific explanation, meaning vampires, werewolves, zombies, or ghosts. Do I think they exist? No. Could they? I don't think vampire will ever walk the face of the earth, but neither do I think aliens exist.

Here are my choices - in no particular order

Ender's Game: My husband forced me to read this book. He was right, it was AMAZING

Raised by Wolves: Best werewolf book I've ever read. I can't wait for the next installment. Plus I love the author :)

Heir Apparent: This one is a mix of SF and Fantasy, but the premise is SF. It's one I recommend a lot to reluctant readers who enjoy video games.

Inside Out: A very unique book by one of my favorite authors - it's the start of a rebellion in a very strict rule oriented world

Hunger Games: Loved the first book in the series - just an amazing idea. I loved meeting the author, even though it was very quick.

Uglies - Loved this series and the idea of being ugly forever. I met the author once at BEA - total fan girl moment. Worse one ever.

Life as We Knew It: Wow, this book made me think - esp when there were rumors of a metor hitting the moon. I wanted to run out and stock up on canned goods.

Glass Houses: a unique take on vampire life - scary, creepy, and so addicting.

Kingdom Keepers: Disney villains come to life and it's up to five teens to stop them

Killer Pizza: When Toby gets a summer job, he thinks he's signed up to make pizzas - not kill monsters.

What are you favorite SF novels?

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Jessica said...

LOVE "Ender's Game." It's my top Sci-Fi pick followed by "Feed" by M. T. Anderson! Great list! I've read all but 2 of these.