Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review: Misguided Angel

*READ ONLY if you're caught up in the series - contains spoilers from previous books*

Jack and Schuyler fled to Europe to fulfill Schulyer's mission. At the moment, they're on the run as Jack chose Schuyler in an unprecedented affair. While they have their romance, they also have death threats looming over their heads. Mimi is angry - really angry.

Mimi's the interim leader of the Blue Bloods for the time being. She's downplaying her role during school, but she's responsible for their survival. When a homemade vampire movie leaks signaling the kidnapping of one vampire, Mimi's in trouble. The video, taken at a party, threatens to burn the vampire alive - in front of the human world. Mimi knows she needs to find this girl quickly and hush up the vampire rumors in the human world. Not only does she need to save this girl's life but she needs to save her own spot as leader among the Blue Bloods.

It's not easy saving the world while heartbroken. Most people assume she's heartbroken over Jack's betrayal. She's not. She's heartbroken over losing Kingsley.

She calls in the big guns to help solve the mystery of the abduction: Deming Chen. Deming infiltrates the popular group of vampires at the party to start nosing around and asking questions.

Between herself, Oliver, and Deming, Mimi hopes to uncover the mystery before they run out of time.

My Thoughts: The 5th book in the addicting series featuring love and heartbreak, friendship and betrayal, new friendships formed, new secrets discovered and old secrets shared. While I'm routing for Jack and Schuyler, I have to admit that I love Mimi in this book. I love her new role in the Blue Bloods society and her new relationship with Oliver. Plus I'm routing hard for Kingsley. I'm hoping that he's still alive and there's a chance for him and Mimi. As usual, the ending leaves you breathless and eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Cover Thoughts: Love it! It's pretty yet mysterious at the same time, fits the book perfectly.

Source: from the publisher

Up Next: out at the end of December! It's an in between novel - "Witness the bonding of Schuyler and Jack." I can't wait to read it.
The next book - number 6- comes out in October of next year called Lost in Time

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Jessica said...

I have this one at home to read. They are soooo addicting.

PS - I LOVE the cover for Bloody Valentine