Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten Things: Favorite Series Still Going

I'm a big reader of series and I'm strict about reading them in order (I have the same issue with TV series). This week, here's my list of series I can't live without and can't wait to devour when the next book arrives.

Again, I might have a different view for series. To me, a series as at least four books in it.

Gallagher Girls: I'm a sucker for spy books and love the idea of an all girl spy school

Canterwood Crest: I went through the horse faze and these books bring it back. There's horse riding, friendship drama, and boys. I devour these books - luckily they come out every two months.

Blue Bloods: Awesome vampire series. I love the historical elements and the twist to their new lives this cycle.

Alchemyst: An action packed read full of danger. I love how mythology and history is woven together.

Alex Rider: Another spy novel series - the first that hooked me on teen spy novels. I loved the gadgets. I love how just when Alex thinks he's getting out of the spy world, they suck him back in.

Sure Fire: Two twins discover their father is actually a spy and come to his rescue several times.

Clique: Five girls trying to be friends while maintaining their independence.

Secrets of My Hollywood Life: I absolutely adore this series. I hate to see it end in January.

Artemis Fowl: I didn't love the last book, but I love the characters. I love Artemis and his evil way and snarky comments. I love Holly and her team.

S.A.S.S.: While this isn't a normal series - with the same cast of characters, it works. I love reading about the girls' adventure in amazing cities around the globe.

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Megan said...

Very fun post. I don't read many series and I try to avoid trilogies. I like that you make a distinction between them.

I have not read any of these books except the first Artemis Fowl book and I didn't particularly enjoy it. Do you consider it a good representation of the rest of the series?

It can feel stressful to have an obligation to get into series, well to me at least. But you seem to like it. There is something nice about the familiarity of it all. I know I adored series so much more when I was younger.