Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: I was Jane Austen's Best Friend

Away at boarding school together, cousins Jenny Cooper and Jane Austen get into mischief. When Jane falls ill, Jenny knows she must send a letter to her aunt. The school mistress refuses her request, so in the dead of night she escapes to alert her aunt to the severity of Jane's illness. It's improper for a lady to be wandering the streets alone. During her escape, Jenny meets Captain Thomas Williams. He's the perfect gentlemen, escorting her to the post and back to the school. He promises to keep her dreadful secret. Soon, Jane's mother arrives and whisks both girls back to Stevenson. Jenny and Jane continue their education at the Austen home. While there, the girls often speak of love. Jane's sister, Cassandra, loves one of her father's students. Jane herself isn't in love, but she flirts with several boys at the local ball. Jenny believes herself in love Jane's brother, Henry, as he often flirts with her. When she spies Captain Thomas Williams again, she's both nervous for her reputation and very happy to see him. Will she find true love?

My Thoughts: I've been wanting to read this book for ages. I'm a bit of a Jane Austen freak. Jenny's adventures are chronicled in her diary. At the back of the book, the author adds in an Author's Note detailing the changes made for this story. I adore Jane Austen and couldn't wait to read I WAS JANE AUSTEN'S BEST FRIEND. Jenny chronicles their daily routine, where we get an in-depth look into the Austen's way of life. She also peppers her diary with charming illustrations. I loved reading about Jane's writing, familiar characters that would make their way into said writing, and about Jenny's romance.

Cover: LOVE it! I'm a huge fan of the period covers

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Book Soulmates said...

I am also a bit of a Jane Austen freak and I've been a bit reluctant to read this only because I would hate to see her work or life butchered. However, I noticed that this book has gotten some nice reviews so I might have to check out one day soon :)


Jessica said...

It sounds so good! Can't wait to read this one soon...

vvb32 reads said...

Hi Jennifer
This looks like a sweet book especially with illustrations. i must add it to my jane pile.

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