Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Into the Gaunlet

Amy and Dan have an impossible task before them. They must find the last clue, which will lead them to power. However, they also must bring the family branches together to conquer the clue and conclude their mission. They have no idea how to accomplish this.

As usual, the branches of the family stand back and let Amy and Dan figure out the clues. Once the two have discovered the final resting place of the last clue, all of the family descends on the deserted island.

On the island, Amy and Dan try to impart their wisdom of working together. They fail to reach the adults, but they've already been working with several peers. When they reach their destination, they realize they need a member of each branch to continue. Will Amy and Dan discover the final clue and understand the implications?

My Thoughts: Greed, action, and danger each increase as the end of the hunt nears. Although it ties up the loose ends nicely, the final chapter of THE 39 CLUES leaves room open for more books in a new series coming out next year. I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every book in this series.

The Cover: Love it!

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Jessica said...

oooh! I have this one at home and can't seem to get to it...must. see. how. series. ends!!