Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review: At First Sight

Lauren doesn't believe in love at first sight, even though her best friend finds her boyfriends instantly. She's forced to change her opinion when she meets Riley on a school field trip to the planetarium.

Sparks fly. They have a moment together before they're whisked away. They didn't even tell each other their names.

Lauren can't get him out of her head. Her best friend does some digging on a social media site and discovers his identity. Plus, he can't get Lauren out his head, either. But the path to true love isn't simple.

When he writes about meeting an amazing girl, his wall on the website explodes with girls claiming to be "the one." Lauren doesn't let that faze her; she writes him a message. He responds and soon they're hanging out online.

He doesn't believe she's one of the posers, but he doesn't believe that she's the one he's searching for, either. How can she get him to figure out the truth?

My Thoughts: Catherine Hapka writes about love at first glance as part of the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy series. Lauren tackles overcoming her shyness and going after what she wants. Ms. Hapka touches on the different aspects of relationships, including lust and friendship-turned-love, in this engaging installment to the line.

Cover: I really like it

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