Monday, November 8, 2010

Review: Just Add Magic

While cleaning out the attic, Kelly Quinn discovers an old book. Normally, that might not catch her eye, but when she opens it, she discovers recipes. Kelly adores cooking and she can't wait to try out some new recipes.

Now that she and her two BFFs are starting seventh grade, it could be time to start their very own cooking club. as she reads the recipes, some of the ingredients are unfamiliar to her. She wanders into a store to gather the ingredients. After purchasing the items, the store owner tells her to beware of the laws of return.

Kelly, doesn't think much of this warning at first. It isn't until she witnesses the results of their cooking experiments to become suspicious. Did she make her brother stop talking? Did she hex her frenemy? Did she cause her cranky old neighbor to fall dangerously ill?

Kelly isn't sure if it's the book working it's magic or if these incidents are simply coincidences. Either way, the magic is ruining her life. She's forced into helping her frenemy. Her best friends aren't happy with her. Can she reverse all the spells she's cast through her cooking?

My Thoughts: I enjoyed this tween read - great novel about friendship, karma, and mistakes. I loved the magical elements combined with cooking. I enjoyed Kelly's pesky younger brother, the craziness that ensued due to the spells, the bits with Charlotte, and the friendship between the three girls. Plus, I'm now craving a thick milkshake.

Cover: Really cute

Source: My Library

Fun Fact: Cindy was sweet enough to send me bookmarks and they're fabulously cute!

Readalike: Meanicures by Catherine Clark


Jessica said...

Did you read "Karma Bites?" It sounds similar and I'm wondering how they compared...

Jennifer Rummel said...

I haven't, but that looks super cute too.