Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review: Daughters Break the Rules

After leaking a story damaging to her father and his business, Carina is in serious trouble. Not only is her father icing her out, but he's just cut her off. She no longer has unlimited credit cards.

Instead, she will receive an allowance of $20/week. Carina isn't sure she care survive, but she's determined to show her father she's not a spoiled brat.

Unfortunately, her crush asks her to go skiing over winter vacation in Switzerland. Carina jumps at the chance. Once she agrees, reality sets in when she realizes she'll need a way to pay for the trip.

She worms her way into planning a charity event on the expectation she draw big names. Carina meets with the people on Ava's list. However, once the vendors realize that it's a charity event and not for her father, they give her the cold shoulder. Carina's about to give up when she meets Alex.

He's a DJ who encourages her to look at the event in a whole new light. Soon, she's making huge changes to the event. Changes that won't cost her money. Best of all, she's spending more and more time with Alex. She finds herself confiding in him, everything except for the reasons she's really working for this event.

My Thoughts: This is the second book in the trilogy of three daughters who formed a bond due to their uber famous parents. They deal with real issues regardless of their family wealth and privilege. They're learning how to break out of their shells and live by their own rules. I love the transformation of Carina.

Cover Thoughts: I really like the mix of black and white and the colors. I think it makes the girls pop.

Source: My library

Next up: The Daughters Take the Stage out in May

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