Monday, November 1, 2010

Adult Review: Call Me Mrs Miracle

Holly has had a hard year. Her brother shipped out to Afghanistan, leaving behind his eight year old son. Holly and Gabe struggle to make their lives blend. Holly's afraid she isn't doing the best job.

Her work life took a nosedive after she had to stick to a strict schedule for Gabe. She earns evil glares from her boss when she rushes out the door at 5 pm. Her social life is practically nonexistent. What Holly wants more than anything is to make this Christmas special for her nephew.

Together, they go to Finley's Department store to see the window decorations and visit Santa. Gabe tells Santa all about the robot he wants for Christmas.

Immediately followed the visit to Santa, they head for the toy department where they see the hottest toy of the season. It's amazing, but expensive. Holly has no idea how she's going to pay for it.

While at the store, she meets a sales clerk Mrs. Miracle. They chat for a few minutes and become fast friends. While there, she meets the manager who turns about to be the man who bought her coffee the day before. As Mrs Miracle watches them talk, she sets a plan of matchmaking into motion.

My Thoughts: Wonderful! The Christmas perfect book - especially to start off the season. Snow, toys, friendship, the thawing of hearts, and romance makes this one a winning combination.

Cover: While it's a great cover, I do wish the robot had a place in the window. As is, it makes the train the central toy around the book.

Source: My Library

Heard about it: Bookpage magazine delivered to the library monthly

Fun Fact: There's a first book in the series Mrs Miracle (which I didn't realize, but now have it on hold at my library) - both books were made into movies.


Hull.Margaret said...

I just finished reading this and totaly loved it. Nice Holiday read.

Cecelia said...

Even though this book is not new, it's new to me. Netgalley recently offered it as a free download so I read it. I LOVED it! Such a nice Christmas story! I agree with you, they should've had the robot in the store window!!

~Cecelia Dowdy~