Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Deeply Desperately

Lucy Valentine works in the family business of matchmaking. Although she doesn't have the family touch of reading auras. Instead she can find lost/missing people. At the moment, the police need her help with a case.

They're looking for a mother of two who has gone mysteriously missing. No body has surfaced. The police and public opinion believe her husband is the culprit. Lucy works to unravel the mystery through a bracelet.

In her matchmaking business, she's working in uncover a long lost love. A man's searching for a woman he met before deployment.

A reporter's shadowing Lucy through her transactions. While she's asking questions about the process of finding things, she's also asking some very personal questions. Lucy has a feeling she might be trying to uncover something about her family, but she's not sure what that might be.

With all her different cases, she still have time for her budding relationship with Sean. However, just as things start to heat up, something inevitably happens. Lucy blames this on the Valentine curse - where her family can never be happy in love. Neither of them want to give up, but when Sean's ex-girlfriend comes into the picture, trouble rears it's ugly head.

My Thoughts: I adore this new series. This is the 2nd book of Lucy Valentine and her adventures. I find her refreshing. She speaks the truth. She's loyal, hard-working, sassy, and fun. I loved her times with Preston. I'm eager for the next installment.

Cover Thoughts: It's cute but the story takes place right before the holidays and there's nothing to indicate this time of year. It looks more like a summer read than a winter cozy.

Source: ILL

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