Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mysterious Saturday: Mysteries I can't WAIT for devour

I haven't read any mysteries lately, so here's a look at all the ones I'm waiting to read.

The third book in the donut shop series, that makes me CRAVE donuts

A crafting mystery series - this is the first one

Domestic Diva mystery series - the 4th one coming out next month

The 2nd book in the Lucy Valentine series - about a girl who runs a match-making business with family secret.

The 4th book in the White House chef series coming in January

The 2nd book in the series - where Lily owns a vintage clothing store. A series by the same author starts next month featuring home repairs and ghosts.

The first in a new series by the author of the Orchard mysteries, which also has a new book coming out in December

The 10th book in this mystery series featuring a flower shop owner

The third in the Bibliophile series - dealing with old books which I find fascinating

Cupcakes and murder - the second book in the series coming out in January

What am I missing?


Jessica said...

Hmmm...I put the first book in the bibliophile mystery series on hold. Those look good!

jenniew3478 said...

do you review all the books that are on your nightstaand? they look good.