Sunday, November 28, 2010

Adult review: I Heart New York

At her best friend's wedding, Angela catches her boyfriend on ten years cheating with her. Plus her best friend's known about it. She goes back into the wedding, breaks the groom's hand and makes a huge scene.

She has no idea what to do next, so she flees. She jumps on a plane to New York and doesn't look back.

She instructs the cab driver to take her to a hotel where she meets the concierge Jenny. Jenny takes one took at Angela and immediately takes her under her wing. She takes her shopping for a new wardrobe and new makeup, attempting to create a more put together Angela.

She invites Angela out with her friends who also welcome her with open arms. In a struck of luck, she meets two guys both who ask her out on a date and she has an interview for an online blog for a magazine.

The magazine loves her Bridget Jones meets New York blog idea. Angela begins dating the two men, each very different. While she juggles both of them, she writes about their dates. Her viewers eat up her drama.

She has no thought towards her future, she's simply living in the moment and loving it.

Before long she moves in with Jenny and thinks seriously about staying in New York forever. She loves the city. How can she ever leave it?

My Thoughts: Lindsey Kelk knocks it out of the park with her debut novel. I love how Angela falls in love with the city and explores it with eyes wide open. I love the commentary running through her head especially while she's out on date (the Cheetos bit especially). Angela's adventures make you cringe, laugh, and fall in love.

Cover Thoughts: I Loved it until the first day in the city, Angela chops off her hair.

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