Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghost and Graves Tour: Otis Library recap

The treat table

Goodies that Nancy from Cataloging made for the event

Gravestone cookies I made

Fun Candelabras

The book table

giving out the awesome prizes

Chatting with many teens and adults

Jessica Verday and Michelle Zink visited the library on Monday night. As you can see in addition to their great books, we had great treats. The authors chatted about their books.

The Hollow (read my review)

The Haunted (I have this one on hold)

3rd book coming next year: Title is NOT the Horror which is listed on Goodreads and it's about choices

Jessica talked about her perfume making - which you can read about in her books. She also made the character's perfumes which is awesome. She mentioned reading the latest Joe Hill novel (who is Stephen King's son). She talked about researching religion and how there's at least one common thread throughout the burial process.

Prophecy of the Sisters (read my review)

Guardian of the Gate (Read my review)

3rd book coming next year: Circle of Fire

Michelle mentioned combining mythologies in her book - Celtic, Norse, and others. She mentioned loving Stephen King and horror. She spoke about not reading while she writes so the voices don't combine and so she won't lose her muse. However, after the book is complete the reading begins.

Here's Jessica (From I Read to Relax) and I posing with the authors

And the awesome READ poster:


Anonymous said...

You did such a fabulous job! Looks like it was a great event! =)

Jessica said...

Great READ poster! You do such an awesome job with those... :)
It was so much fun...and the cookies were delish.