Friday, October 8, 2010

Review: Secrets of a First Daughter

Morgan, aka the Tornado, hates having her private life made public just because her mother's the President of the United States. She hates how she has to hide her boyfriend from the world. She hates not being able to spend quality time with him. She hates sneaking around and stealing kisses.

Morgan also hates Brittany, who seems to pop up at the worst possible moments. Brittany knows about Morgan and Max and, more importantly, she has a photo of them kissing.

Now, she's blackmailing Morgan and expects the first daughter to bow to her every whim. Morgan isn't happy dealing with Brittany, but neither does she want her forbidden romance splashed across the newspapers and tabloids. Thankfully, her mother must go to London. Morgan and her BFF will be tagging along.

Unfortunately, they discover Brittany will be joining her father on the trip, as well. Will the three girls provoke an international incident, or will they learn to make peace with each other?

My Thoughts: SECRETS OF A FIRST DAUGHTER picks up soon after the first book in the series, CONFESSIONS OF A FIRST DAUGHTER, left off. Morgan tackles blackmail, planning for her future, traveling to a foreign country, and a forbidden romance. She might be a chaos magnet, but she sure makes chaos look fun.

The Cover: Cute, I like the hands touching

Source: reviewed for where I gave it 5 stars

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