Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: Bright Young Things

Right after the wedding she never wanted, Cordelia and Letty decide to leave small-town life in Ohio for the dazzling city life of New York City. They've been best friends forever.

Once in the city, they find a boarding house and go out on the town. In a speakeasy, Cordelia meets a boy. They have a moment. In that moment, she tells him the truth about why she really came to New York. She wants to find her father. Unfortunately, Letty overhears. The two girls end up fighting and homeless.

Cordelia comes to find her father. He welcomes her with open arms. His lifestyle isn't what she's used to - as he runs an illicit business. He also lives in high glamor.

When he discovers the identity of the boy Cordelia dates, he forbids her to see him again. Cordelia doesn't want to go against her new family, but she can't stay away from Thom.

At one of her father's infamous parties, she meets Astrid. Astrid dates her brother Charlie. She's ultra glamorous, but her relationship with Charlie is on the rocks. Astrid isn't sure she can trust him, but she loves Cordelia.

Meanwhile, Letty tries to make it as a star. She's got an amazing voice and a new job at a speakeasy. There she meets a man who could propel her on the fast track to stardom.

Will the three girls find romance and the answer to their huge dreams within New York City?

My Thoughts: I've been waiting to read this book since BEA. When it arrived in the library, there *might* have been squealing and a happy dance. The author of the Luxe series strikes again! I loved the fashion of the Twenties, the romance, the luxury, and seeing New York City from an architectural standpoint. I love how the three girls lives mingled together - even though they weren't always friends. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

The Cover: Amazing. I Love the dress!

Source: My Library

Up soon: VIXEN - another book about the Twenties that I'm dying to read.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to read this, and Vixen too. The 20s are my favourite era!

Katie said...

I think it's great that authors are starting to write about this time, sooo interesting!

Melissa Walker said...

It's a gorgeous book and the era is to-die-for fashion wise!

Jessica said...

Um,I definitely jumped and squealed when I got mine! :P Love the cover and so stoked to dive into the Roaring Twenties!!

Anna said...

Absolutely DROOLING over the dress. I wish I had time to be a flapper for Halloween.