Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: The Case of the Gyspy Good-bye

Enola Holmes finds a client in her office - a client that just came from her brother's establishment. Her famous brother Sherlock is out of town at the moment, which gives Enola a head start finding the missing Lady Blanchefleur.

The Lady Blanchefleur helped an elderly ladies down the steps of the subway and disappeared. Enola interviews her two ladies-in-waiting for clues.

She then goes to the subway and discovers an underground society she'd rather not enter. While wondering if the Lady, unhappy with her wealth, took it upon herself to escape from society, she heads for Florence Nightengale's house for inspiration.

There, she meets her brother Sherlock. He's searching for her to hand deliver a package from her mother. Inside the package is a skytale message. Enola will need to find the right cylinder in order to read the message.

As she's chatting with her brother, an idea pops into her head. She leaves him standing on the street as she investigates her hunch. Her hunch proves correct, but know she needs help capturing the suspect. Can she trust Sherlock enough to help her and not force her into a different lifestyle?

My Thoughts: This is the end of the series. While I did love the ending, I'm sad that it ended. I adored this series. I loved all the disguises, the relationship between Enola and her brothers, how she bested Sherlock in her ability to read feminine clues, how she bantered with Sherlock, all the codes, and how she discovered her true self.

The Cover: I love the cover -except for Enola. She seems too strange. I really only liked the first cover.

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