Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scholastic Webcast

Several of you asked about the other books displayed within the Webcast. I was going to reply as a comment, but figured this might be better. Here are some of them that caught my attention. It was an awesome webcast - done through videos where we met authors and publishers.

They talked about their books ranging from picture books to YA - all with videos.

I really loved the Garth Nix and Sean Williams video of brainstorming their novel TROUBLETWISTERS. I will definitely be checking that book out. It's a middle grade novel due out next May

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray sounds funny - love the cover. If I remember correctly, it's about a bunch of beauty queens who must survive together on a deserted island when their plane crashes.

Chaos - the sequel to numbers. I love how this cover matches Numbers

Relaunch of Dear America series - I dreamed about writing one when I was young. I did write up something for a school project along the similar lines about a girl crossing the ocean from Wales to New England due to the slate strike at Penrhyn quarry.

Here's the new one Winter of Red Snow

Cyborg sequel to Clone Codes - great cover

Clarity - which was already on my radar and looks awesome :)

Two pictures books that caught my eye.
LaRue Across America - I love these books

Story County - I couldn't find the cover of this one, but the inside looks super cute, it's about a farmer who befriends farm animals - including a high heel wearing cow and they make farm life extraordinarily different.

Quest for the Spark - New Bone book - but a novel with pictures.

Profiles - one event from the eyes of six historical figures. The first one will be based on the Civil War. This sounds cool, I do hope that they include more women not just 1/6 in each book.

Big Crunch - a year of a relationship - similar to 500 days of Summer


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Jessica said...

Oooh! Some of these sound great. I definitely want to research some of the titles so more. Thanks so much for sharing!