Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Death by Diamonds

Early one morning, Maddie receives a package and a letter from dear friend. The letter contains Dominique's final wishes. Dom knew her life was in danger and she asks Maddie to help solve her death. When her son, Kyle, calls Maddie, she drops everything and rushes with her side with her BFF Eve and her on-again boyfriend Nick.

Nick works with the FBI. They're more interested in the missing diamonds. When he leaves to catch a potential carrier of the diamonds, he asks local sheriff Werner to keep his eye on Maddie.

Maddie and Kyle dig into this mother's death. They're attempting to weed out friends, parasites, and foes from Dom's acquaintances. It's a tough job, but they seem to be on the right track as Maddie receives a threatening phone call.

Maddie sees unique information due to her psychic ability when touching vintage clothing. She's not sharing her talent, which means she must validate each clue in order to account for her visions.

Will she be able to find the clues to stamp her theories into reality?

My Thoughts: The third book in the Vintage Magic series continues to be a charming read with more romance, more vintage clothing, and lots of danger. I love the spark between Werner and Maddie and the now love triangle. I love how Nick's assumptions infuriate Maddie and she stands up to his notions. Most of all, I love the relationship between Maddie and Eve.

The Cover: I LOVE it - love the dress

Source: ILL - (checked out from another library)

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