Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: Meanicures

Madison, Taylor, and Olivia are best friends - but they used to be friends with three other girls - Cassidy, Alexis, and Kayley. Now those girls have joined forces and they're taking over the school leaving Madison and her friends far behind. It wouldn't have mattered so much to Madison and her friends if Cassidy and company didn't try to humiliate them every chance they got.

After a disaster hair day, on a whim, Madison runs into a hair salon to change her look and hopefully her luck. There, she hears her stylist talking about how to get rid of negative people.

Madison takes her advice to heart. She, Taylor, and Olivia gather together to purge the mean girls from their lives. They take items of the past friendship and pack them away.

On Monday, things have changed, but it's not what the trio expected. Instead, they've turned into mean girls. They're mean to Cassidy, Alexis, and Kayley and worst of all, they're mean to each other. Can the reverse the spell and return things to normal?

My Thoughts: Meanicures is a great book for tween girls and understanding friendships. It's a cute tale all about relationships- straying apart from your friends, but still treating them with respect - eventually. The girls go through rocky times as they dread dealing with these girls, morph into these girls, and then find a way to co-exist together.

The Cover: Cute and it really captures a significant portion of the book

Source: My Library

Fun Fact: Stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with Catherine Clark!


Anonymous said...

Was this more of a teen or tween book?

Jennifer Rummel said...

Sorry - meant to write that in the review - just added it - it's a TWEEN title

Jessica said...

I think this looks cute. I love when it's a fun story, with a moral, but not too heavy handed, you know?