Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Naked Heat

Jameson Rook, the famous magazine journalist, is found on the scene of Nikki Heat's murder victim - gossip columnist, Cassidy Towne. Rook has been shadowing Towne for his next article.

Nikki isn't thrilled with their reunion. She's still getting grief from the magazine article he published about her. Plus her team isn't happy with him either. Still, she must work with him to uncover the murderer.

In a case this big, there's too many celebrities with a grudge against Cassidy Town. She broke many stories, dug up dirt, and slung mud. It's almost impossible to find someone who didn't want her quiet - permanently.

Heat and Rook wade through the suspects ranging from a member of the mob, a pro baseball player, a sketchy politician, and a singer. Rook has the inside track on Town: she was writing a tell all memoir about someone famous. She refused to divulge that information, but she dug up something juicy.

My Thoughts: I love the combo of the books and the TV show. I like how the books differ from the show, yet I can still picture the characters from the show while reading. It's sort of like a tell-all fictional book - very fun.

The Cover: Interesting - I like the blend of the city with the type writer

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La Coccinelle said...

I'm kind of curious about those books. Are they well written? Or do they just seem like a tie-in to make money?

Jennifer Rummel said...

I quiet enjoy them - they have the same feel as the show - lots of twists and turns, lots of suspects, and lots of banter between Rook and Heat

Jessica said...

Eventually I'm going to read these now that you got me hooked on the show! :)