Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Gingerbread Cookie Murder

Hannah (and her neighbors) can't deal with the crazy Christmas display - complete with flashing lights and cranked up music. Several times she attempts to bang on his door to ask him to turn it down. Each time, there's no answer.

Hours later Mike - the police officer she sometimes dates, shows up. He goes over there along with Hannah and Norman. With no response, they break into the apartment. Hannah discovers Eddie's body by the refrigerator.

His ex-wife isn't stunned by the news. Upon her admission, she wanted to kill him daily. Since winning the lottery, Eddie's been spoiling their kids. However, he's willing to finance their educations so she puts up with his crap.

The police believe they've captured the killer. Hannah isn't sure, in fact, she believes the killer is still at large. She digs a little deeper. The police seem to be dismissing a key clue.

Is she right? Can she find evidence to link her suspicions?

My Thoughts: My first Christmas book of the year. I really love Hannah's mysteries. They're fun, fresh, and not to mention delicious.

The Cover: LOVE it!

Source: my Library

Up Next: Devil's Food Cake Murder which will be out in February. So looking forward to it!

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