Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Royal Blood

Lady Georgiana is asked by the Queen to attend the wedding of an old school classmate while representing the Crown of England. She's also asked to be one of the bridesmaids.

Georgiana is happy to escape the cold foggy London - where her sister-in-law and her brother have joined her. They aren't used to her style of living and they're making her crazy. The one downside about traveling to Transylvania is that Georgiana must travel with her maid and she can't afford one.

After her grandfather works out a deal - she acquires a rough around the edges maid. Together they travel from England by boat to France and then by train to their destination.

Once they arrive at the castle, the weather changes. Everyone's trapped inside the castle due to the snow. One night, at dinner, between the toasts the man sitting next to Georgiana falls face first into his food.

He's taken into another room, where it's discovered he's been poisoned. however, because of his political connections, the few in the know decide to announce he's had a heart attack. His death could mean a civil war between the two countries uniting by marriage. they can't stop the marriage, so they whisk the body away.

As Georgiana looks into the mysterious death, she remember the glass the man drank out of was not his own. Instead, he drank from the Prince's glass. Does someone desire to stop this wedding at all costs?

My Thoughts: This is the fourth in the Royal Spyness series - a charming blend of Royal life with everyday living as Georgiana has virtually no monies. There's always danger, a spark of romance, and snooty Royals involved.

The Cover: Elegant and in connection with the three previous books

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