Friday, December 13, 2013

Third Lie's the Charm Tour

Kate Lowry is sick of the lies, sick of the secret societies that rule life at Pemberly Brown Academy. Welcome back to Pemberly Brown, where there are secrets so big people will do anything to protect them…

For more than a century, the secret societies at Pemberly Brown Academy have been at war. The Sisterhood and the Brotherhood will do whatever it takes to make sure they have ultimate rule, and witty Nancy Drew-esque heroine Kate Lowry is determined to bring them to justice. It’s the least she can do after the societies killed her best friend freshman year. The only way to take down the Sisterhood is from the inside… but once Kate starts experiencing the perks of being a member, will she still want to take them down?

Sounds great right? Check out Chapter 1 
 I can't wait to start reading my copy :)

Lisa and Laura Roecker are sisters-turned-writing-partners with a love of all things Young Adult. Some call it arrested development, but the sisters claim it keeps them young. Plus, it’s cheaper than Botox. Lisa and Laura live in Cleveland, Ohio, in separate residences. Their husbands wouldn’t agree to a duplex. 

Lisa Roecker attended Miami University with a double major in Marketing and English Literature. She graduated and took a deeply boring job that paid the bills. Eventually she started writing with her sister to keep things interesting.

Laura Roecker fell in love with books because her big sister said she should. She graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in Middle Childhood Education. After teaching for several years, she finally realized her dream when she found a writing partner in her sister.

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