Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Reading Challenges: Update

I attempted three reading challenges - let's see how I did on them.

TBR Pile Challenge 
I really wanted to complete this challenge but somehow I forgot about it. I hope to do better this year, because I really do want to read many of these books.

Feminist Challenge:
I wanted to read 10 plus books. I created a book list, but I didn't read all these books. Plus there was a book on the list that wasn't a feminist read at all.
Here are the books I did read:
1.  Flicker and Burn
2. Also Known As
3. Midnight Frost
4. Dark Triumph
5. Maid of Secrets
6. Fall of Night
7. Spies and Prejudice
8. Naturals
9. United We Spy
10. Crown of Midnight
11. Two Lies and a Spy
Contemporary Reads Challenge:
I created a book list for this challenge too. I was looking to read 15+. I didn't get to all the books on my list, but here's what I did read.
1. Moon and More
2. Grass is Always Greener
3. 5 Summers
5. Our Song
5. Also Known As
6. Perfect Scoundrels
7. Jane Austen Goes to Hollywood
8. All I Need
9. Trouble with Flirting
10. Falling For You
11. Just One Year
12. Taste Test
13. Six Months Later
14. United We Spy
15. Two Lies and A Spy
16. To Be Perfectly Honest
17. Roomies

2 out of 3 isn't bad. I tend to forget about my reading goals for the year, but hopefully I can stick to them next year. Do you participate in reading challenges?

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