Sunday, December 15, 2013

Adult Review: Just in Time

Avery just came back from her time in Ireland, which she loved. Now her hometown seems small because her famous ex-boyfriend's back in town.

Roman's hiding a secrets about this next season in the NHL. Out in due to injury, he's spending quality time in his hometown since he left for the majors. The entire town treats him like a celebrity and it's beginning to annoy him.

The whole town's pushing them back together. It's not that they don't like each other or have great chemistry - but is there too much water under the bridge for them to make their relationship work again?
My Thoughts: The last of a trilogy featuring 3 friends finding love in Alaska. I love the small town charm, the meddling townspeople, and the strength of friendships. I loved the moments with Roman, Avery, and the hockey players. Lots of banter, humor, romance, and friendship makes this a great winter read!

Cover Thoughts: perfection
Source: Inter-Library Loan

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