Monday, December 23, 2013

Review: Just One Year

* The companion novel to Just One Day*
The story of the aftermath where Willem meets Lulu. He wakes up in a hospital with a foggy brain. He knows he's supposed to meet someone, but he's not sure who or where.

As he struggles to get back home, he realizes that he's lost something valuable that day. As gains his memory back, he tries hard to track down Lulu - but with so little clues, it's virtually impossible.

He's not giving up - even in his darkest days. Some friends and family help him along the way. Accidents happen that lead him to discover truths about himself; sometimes not exactly what he wants to hear.

Willem finds himself at a crossroads in life - on the brink of something important when fate knocks on the door.
My Thoughts: I didn't read too much about this book - so I just thought it was a sequel, but instead it was the next year from Willem's perspective. It look me a bit to get used to him. There were times when I wanted to shake him for his decisions. But his way actually worked - he found himself and discovered his dream. I really liked this book - but I confess I wanted a little more at the ending, just an epilogue or a chapter. Maybe it's it better to imagine the accidents that come their way.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: Library

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cleemckenzie said...

I find that endings often leave me wanting more. I was dissatisfied with the ending to my first book, so I did an epilogue and suddenly the book was complete.

Have a great Christmas. See you next year.