Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Candlelight Christmas

Darcy dreads the holidays - since her divorce things have gotten a little weird. She never told her family the reason for the divorce. lifelong family friends, the two families celebrate together. So when a friend invites her to join her family, Darcy jumps at the chance. It doesn't hurt that India's brother will be there.

Logan's a single dad who wants more time with his son. He wants to make whatever time he gets with Charlie perfect. Now that Charlie no longer lives in the same town, Logan's life feel boring. So he takes a huge risk and purchases a ski resort. It's the perfect place for Christmas and new beginnings.
My Thoughts: I loved this story, it's the perfect tale for starting over and hope. I felt sad for Darcy for not feeling that she could share her troubles with her family, but I'm glad she was brave enough to find a solution. I loved Logan and his love for Charlie. I loved the ski resort and how everyone came together to pitch in. The two kids from the city had a sad, but touching story. I love how the families tried to create a magic Christmas for them. A sweet, wonderful romance perfect for the season.

Cover Thoughts: Cute - love the shimmer
Source: Library

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