Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mysterious Saturday Review: Murder She Barked

At dinner with her boyfriend, Holly receives a phone call asking her to come home to Virginia because something's happened to her grandmother. Immediately she leaves, without stopping for anything. On the way there, she finds a dog who adopts her.

Her grandmother's been hit with a car, leaving her with a twisted ankle - but her employee lost his life. Holly's worried there's something deeper going on.

When she finds the body of the mayor - a man most people have argued with once or twice, she starts digging around.

Are the two murders connected? Crime doesn't happen in Wagtail, a pet friendly town. Holly's determined to keep her grandmother safe and to uncover the truth.
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book, happy for a new series from Krista Davis. I love her Diva books. I like how Trixie adopted Holly. I found the inn charming and the town cute - I wouldn't mind bringing my dog there for a visit. (well maybe if he was a little bit better behaved.)  I love the small town and how everyone knows everything about everyone else.  I loved the staff, especially Zelda and they way they helped Holly. Holly and her grandmother have a sweet relationship, which made me miss my own grandmother. A perfect new series for dog lovers with a blend of recipes, small town charm, gossip, and a dash of romance. 

Cover Thoughts: Really cute.
Source: Sent for review.

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