Sunday, December 1, 2013

Adult Review: Too Good to be True

At a family wedding, Grace makes up the perfect boyfriend to create her sister and everyone from feeling sorry for her. She wants it to be clear that she's moved on from Andrew- her ex-fiance now dating her sister. Her new boyfriend is perfect - and conveniently perfectly busy.  She shares just enough details to keep her family off her back.

But in making up this new boyfriend, she might be missing out on the boy next door. Ever since she met Callahan O'Shea, there's been trouble from her or her dog. He's starting to become a friend, but Grace is starting to realize that she wouldn't mind something more. Too bad that pesky fake boyfriend's in the way.
My Thoughts: A charming romantic novel that's full of humor. I loved Grace - from her teaching history to her accident prone ways. She's funny, strong, and family oriented. I like her passion for history - including re-enactments.  I enjoyed Callahan and finding out about this family history. I felt horrible for Grace for having to deal with Andrew after he broke off their wedding. I liked Margaret and her snarky ways. Another winner from Kristan Higgins.

Cover Thoughts: Cute - love the dog.
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cleemckenzie said...

Dogs and cats always upstage people on covers, don't they? Thanks for the review.