Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Books I'm Dying to Read: September edition

Here are books I can't wait to read coming out in September!!! Are they on your list? Is there a book I missed that you're looking forward to reading? Let me know!

Diviners: I've really liked the books I've read about the Roaring 20s! Plus, it's Libba Bray!!
Ten: I LOVE the cover - this book sounds pretty creepy!

Sweet Shadows: I read this one - and adored it, you can see my review here.

Hidden: I really like this trilogy - for the dragons, the romance, and the friendships. I can't wait to see how it ends.


Outpost: I really liked Enclave and am interested to learn what's next. Plus the cover is really creepy.

Origin: I loved this book - just reviewed it for VOYA.

Seconds Away: I really enjoyed Shelter - so looking forward to where we left Mickey.

Dead Girls Detective Agency: A girl dies but follows clues to solve her own murder - sounds perfect. I adore mysteries!

Confessions of a Murder Suspect: So interested in the new James Patterson book - in fact I'm hoping to start it later today!

Paladin Prophecy: This sounds perfect: lots of action making adrenaline pump through the blood!

Casual Vacancy - I'm so curious about this book, as of course, I adored the Harry Potter series. Although, I hate the cover. It's super boring.
The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck: A tween mystery with a scavenger hunt = sold!

My Super Secret 16th Century: A trip to Italy leaves her in...Renaissance Florence - which sounds perfect

Masquerade: I'm addicted to this series and I can't wait to find out what happens between the roommates

Shadowfell: A new trilogy of fantasy with survival, danger, and romance

Shatterproof: I love the 39 Clues series and now Amy and Dan have to steal a diamond

Died with a Bow: The second book in a mysteries series, which I enjoyed.

When You Give a Duke a Diamond: Murder ,deception, diamonds, and romance blend together in this start of a trilogy.


Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

So many awesome books to look forward to! Great list :)

Nicole said...

YES to SHADOWFELL. THE DIVINERS I want just because of Libba Bray. TEN's cover is gorgeous. And I just added THE PALADIN PROPHECY to my wishlist!

Susan said...

Wow, so many great books to look forward to! I just finished (like 15 minutes ago) reading ORIGIN and I really liked it, too. Can't wait to see if all the others you listed are as good as they look :)