Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Hot Button

 *2nd book in the Button Box series. Read my review for Button Holed*

Josie's chairing the international button conference for the first time. She's so excited for the conference, not only to learn more about buttons, but because she sweet talked a reclusive collector into giving the key note speech. She had no idea that Thad, the owner of  Geronimo button who specializes in Western buttons would be so horrible.

Not only did he pitch a fit about riding the subway,  he asked for a famous meat sub when he's a well known vegan. He's also drinking expensive alcohol, on Josie's tab. He's been rude to conference attendees. He gets into a fight on the welcome cruise. Plus he's been accused of stealing items from a vendor.

When he's late to the keynote dinner, Josie can't believe it. When a phone call drags her away from her dinner, she learns that he's dead. He's been murdered and the suspect list is a mile long. Nevin asks her to help solve the murder, but that means not attending to every detail at the conference. Will the murder and the conference ruin Josie's credibility with her fellow button collectors? 

My Thoughts: I love this charming series. I love learning more about buttons and their history. I find them fascinating. I really liked the conference description, it reminded me of all the library conferences I've attended over the years. I really enjoyed the new cast of characters, but I'm also happy that Stan makes an appearance in this book as I find him entertaining.

I loved reading more of the relationship between Nevin and Josie. I think it's cute how they keep finding things to talk about, especially after their first disastrous date. Even though Kaz turned up at the right time and is helping Josie with the conference, I'm enjoying Nevin's attempts to figure out his role in Josie's life.

I can't wait to read more in this series! 

Cover Thoughts: Cute, but doesn't really match the book
Source: My Library

Up Next: Panic Button is due in December!

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