Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Seventeen Ulitmate Guide to Beauty

A book for teens all about hair and makeup. There's a little bit on face cleaning and nails.
The book features tips by steps and/or pictures.
The make-up guide features real girls with celebrity idols and fashion icons. The make-up ranges from girly to glam to classic to edgy and to boho.  The hair guide features waves & curls, braids & twists, sleek, ponies, and finally updos and buns.

My Thoughts: I love the large bright photos making it easy  and fun to read. I love that the models shown are real girls who share their favorite beauty tips. I like that the pages following the real girls, there are photos of young celebrities with tips on how to get their looks. I love the photo step-by-step tips, making it easier to understand and to attempt a new style. Plus I like how the tips styles for weekend, party, school, and date including 5 tips from Hollywood's makeup artists.There's definitely some looks that I'll be attempting!

There's no product endorsement, which I both like and dislike. I like it because it gives readers freedom to choose, but I dislike it because there are a lot of products I know nothing about and it would be helpful to have a guideline. 

A fabulous book that teens will enjoy browsing with their friends.

Cover Thoughts: Really Cool
Source: FSB Associates (THANKS!)

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